Kong steel carabiner


New connector equipped with NFC chip that brings the history of your device always at your fingertips. No expensive readers required. Readable with a common smartphone or PC.
This solution provides an easier and faster periodic inspection process, avoiding dangerous mistakes made during the serial number transcription.
Compatible with any inspection software.
Patented system.
Standard version, without chip, also available.

Oval carabiner carbon steel, wide-opening. High load of 40 KN. Ideal for heavy duty applications and for connection to structural anchors, lifelines, etc. 

Key features:

  • Twist lock sleeve 2 movements: to open the carabiner turn the sleeve and pull the gate
  • System keylock
  • High quality product entirely developed and manufactured in Italy
  • Tested piece by piece

New LUNAR WHITE finish. Zinc-Nickel treatment that, compared to normal black galvanizing, offers double resistance to corrosion, longer life and less friction on cords and textile devices.

Lifetime and Inspections

Item codes

412LH1999KK412LH1999KK EN 362/M
Carbon steel
Lunar white4015/216Oval
11062.6//21Twist Lock NFC

i-Ovalone Carbon Twist Lock

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