Gender Equality

What is Gender Equality (PdG)

Gender equality is a fundamental concept within human rights that underlines the importance of treating people equally and fairly, regardless of their gender. It is a principle that promotes equality of opportunity, access to resources and equal treatment for all, regardless of whether they are men, women or people of non-binary gender identity.

Gender equality is not only limited to formal equality, such as equal pay, but also includes challenging cultural and social norms that perpetuate harmful gender stereotypes and discrimination. Promoting gender equality means working to break down such stereotypes, eliminate gender-based violence and ensure that women and people of non-binary gender identities have the same opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of society, including education, employment and political participation.

Gender equality in companies is a crucial goal for creating fair and inclusive workplaces: it is about ensuring that men and women have the same opportunities, treatment and representation in all professional spheres. This goal is not only a matter of social justice, it is fundamental to the success and sustainability of the company itself.

To promote gender equality in a company, it is essential to adopt concrete measures such as merit-based rather than gender-based recruitment and promotion policies, targeted professional development programs for women, and the elimination of wage disparities. In addition, it is important to raise awareness and train employees on gender issues to create an inclusive corporate culture.

What is UNI PDR 125

UNI/PdR 125:2022 is a reference practice with which the Italian Standardization Body (UNI) intended to provide guidelines for preparing an internal management system dedicated to policies that implement and promote gender equality within an organization.

It is the reference document for the national certification desired by the PNRR that enhances the commitment of companies in developing and communicating policies related to gender equality.

Gender Equality Management System Certification allows an organization to

  • demonstrate to internal and external stakeholders their commitment to the topic, in harmony with the streams at national and European level;
  • have a management model where KPIs are always available, updated and identifiable.


KongPdG is the membership of KONG S.p.A. to the national project on Gender Equality. KONG S.p.A has decided to join this project by adopting the UNI PDR 125 standard as a reference for organizing and improving the management of gender equality issues within its organization and processes.

KONGPdG Policy - Gender Equality Policy

Gender Equality Committee

A dedicated Committee (KongPdG Committee) is set up for specific KONGPdG issues, attended by the Management and persons representing the various company functions and genders. The Committee is appointed by the Management after verifying availability and interest in the topic.

KONGPdG practices

The PdG commitments undertaken by KONG S.p.A. and declared in the PdG Policy are implemented through specific practices for the different operational areas.